KD Funds again the best Slovenian asset management company with the best asset management team


In the nine years’ history of these awards, which are presented by the magazine Moje finance, a KD Funds manager has been selected as the top fund manager of the year for six times, and the fourth consecutive year. Four other members of the managers’ team of KD Funds, the best management company, were ranked among the top 10 asset managers in Slovenia: Primož Cencelj, the Best Fund Manager of 2018, was ranked second, Aleš Lokar, the Best Fund Manager of 2017 was ranked third, David Zorman, the Best Fund Manager of 2010, was ranked fifth and Sašo Šmigić, a KD Funds team members, was ranked ninth. KD Funds has again been recognised as the best management company for a five-year period. KD Funds was also awarded with 7 Zvezdonos statuettes – that is the highest rating of 5 stars, which testify to the supreme quality of fund management.

The awards and star-based ratings given to these funds for three- and five-year periods represent the highest recognition in the industry, and are proof of the supreme quality of management of the funds in their respective categories.


This year’s highest award – five stars – went to the following winning funds:

For a three-year period:

KD Bond, EUR

KD Rastko, Europe Equity

KD Eastern Europe, Equity

For a five-year period:

KD Galileo, Mixed Flexible Fund

KD Rastko, Europe Equity Fund

KD Eastern Europe, Equity

KD Bond, EUR


Photo: Jure Makovec


Luka Flere, CFA is Director of Asset Management at KD Funds and is in charge of managing regional fund, KD Eastern Europe. The Best Mutual Fund Manager award has been bestowed by a Slovenian financial magazine »Moje finance« and Mr. Andrej Bertoncelj, Minister of Finance. At this occasion Luka Flere said: »This award is a confirmation of our good work. Asset Management is a team effort. The Asset Management team of KD Funds always strives to work for the benefit of our investors. Our main advantage is the common potential of the entire team«.


Luka Podlogar, CEO of KD Funds said: »We are proud to be a part of a team where a winning mindset is one of our core values. We prove our winning mentality with great results. Our achievements are the result of the work and determination of our employees«.







Notice of change in ownership structure


As of 13 February 2019, Generali CEE Holding B.V., the Netherlands, holds a qualified holding in KD Skladi, d. o. o.,

Investors may request additional information by sending an e-mail to kd-skladi@kd-group.si.


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