Generali Umbrella Fund wins five silhouettes; in the most difficult year ever for bond markets, Generali Bond proclaimed the best fund of the decade

(Ljubljana, 23 March 2023) The ‘Moje finance’ financial magazine, which has been bestowing the Best Fund and the Best Fund Manager awards for thirteen years, has once again recognised Generali Investments, the oldest management company in Slovenia, as one of the best of its kind. At this year’s traditional event, Generali Investments won five silhouettes, while Generali Bond – EUR was proclaimed the best bond fund of the decade.



Each year, the Moje finance magazine proclaims the best mutual and pension funds, and the best asset manager. Based on a methodology comparing fund performance with that of their benchmarks, a total of 99 funds in 11 different groups were assessed over a 3-year period, and 74 mutual funds in 11 groups were assessed over a 10-year period.

Among all the funds assessed, the following Generali Investments funds win the best assessment, i.e. five stars:

  • Generali Bond – EUR, the best fund over 3-year and 10-year periods in the European Corporate and Aggregate Bond category,
  • Generali Corporate Bonds – EUR, the best fund over 3-year periods,
  • Generali MM, Money Market, the best fund over the 10-year period in the Money – EUR category, and
  • Generali Rastko Europe, Equity, the best fund in the Equity – Europe category over a 10-year period.


In addition, Generali Bond EUR, was declared the best bond fund of the decade. Primož Cencelj, CFA, who is in charge of managing bond investments at Generali Investments, again qualified among the top three asset managers, missing first place by a hair’s breadth.


Luka Flere, member of the Management Board of Generali Investments, says: “Making your money grow by investing in funds is a marathon effort. Not only was last year challenging for the bond market, it was even the most challenging in its history. In such a difficult environment, we have again proven that we are able to deliver on our mission, which is to provide high-quality, well-governed and diversified asset management services along with long-term profitability for our investors. The current situation of rising interest rates and inflation is making active asset management an even more challenging job.”