Minimum monthly contribution:30 EUR
Payment method:Payments are carried out automatically through SEPA direct debit so you have nothing to worry about.
Entry charge:none
Exit charge:2.5%; no exit charge after 5 years
  • Average expected annual return*:
  • 7 %
  • Recommended savings period:
  • 12 years or more

Access to
your money



* Performance is not guaranteed, and may be higher or lower than estimated.

Savings calculator

Savings period
Value of your savings
Saved money in package My Dreams

Calculation result

Cumulative contribution amount – EUR 50/month EUR
Average expected annual return* %
Value of your savings in the My dreams package EUR

*The average annual return of 7% is used in the Savings Calculator. The return is not guaranteed, and may be higher or lower than anticipated.

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Calculate the amount you need to put into savings each month to reach your goal.


The performance of each fund in the fund package and the anticipated cumulative yield of the entire package are presented.



Structure of the fund package

With diversified payments into four funds at the same time, you make balanced investments, thus reaching optimum returns and long-term stability. Three regionally focussed, emerging markets equity funds bring the biggest prospects in the long run. With is diversified assets, Generali Galileo, Mixed Flexible Fund, works as a risk buffer on your way to making your dreams come true.

Consult our expert

Tell us about your wishes, the acceptable risk level, the amount you would like to invest, and the time period of investment. Based on that and together with you, we can compose a portfolio of funds or prepare a savings plan.

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