Discretionary mandates

Portfolio management based on discretionary mandates and an individualised investment policy is an ideal solution for professional investors with specific investment objectives and mandatory investment restrictions. When investing, we face a number of strategic issues both in terms of geographic and sectoral allocation as well as the selection of assets of different investment grades. Investing in such a variety of asset classes requires time and a professional approach.

The minimum initial portfolio value is EUR 1,000,000.00.

What do we offer?

  • Individually tailored service – we will create an individualised investment policy for you
    • Our investment policies are tailored to the needs and restrictions of each individual investor. Our business is completely transparent. Investors can always see their portfolios and transactions, and can contact us at any time.
  • Best investment opportunities
    • Our investment experts actively seek investment options which, considering an investor’s restrictions, have long-term potential and are the generators of growth in their respective environments and industries.
  • Investments suitable for any market situation
    • With an innovative use of the allocation model based on the mean CVaR methodology, we can reach maximum returns given the risk assumed. This approach gives us flexibility and allows us to limit losses, keeping in mind the investor’s investment policy and profile. It also allows us systematic risk management before and after a transaction is executed.
  • Individually defined return benchmarks
  • Investors are systematically informed about every transaction
  • Monthly reporting on portfolio value and structure
  • Monthly reporting on management fees