PRESS RELEASE: KD Funds strengthens its position in the region by acquiring a qualifying holding in Locusta Invest, d. o. o., Croatia

On 15 May 2015, KD Funds LLC received an authorisation from the Croatian Financial Services Supervision Agency (Hrvatska agencija za nadzor financijski usluga) to acquire a qualifying holding in the Croatian company Locusta Invest, d. o. o., amounting to 60% of its share capital. KD Funds intends to continue the process of obtaining all permits required to merge Locusta Invest, d. o. o., and KD Investments, d. o. o., Croatia.

Through these activities, KD Funds is further strengthening its regional position, in pursuit of its strategy to become a leading asset management company in the region of South-East Europe (SEE). KD Funds, Ljubljana is one of the top Slovenian management companies. In 2014, the magazine Moje finance recognised it as the management company with the largest number of “top funds” over three- and five-year periods. At the end of 2014 KD Funds was managing the KD Umbrella Fund with its 14 subfunds. Four management companies of the Group KD Group operate outside of Slovenia, managing a total of 11 investment funds, including five mutual funds in Croatia, four mutual funds in Macedonia, and two closed-end investment funds in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Total assets managed by the management companies owned by KD Group, d. d., amount to over EUR 715 million, of which EUR 630 million worth of assets are in Slovenia.