KD Funds – the management company with the highest number of “top funds” within the last three and five years according to the Moje finance magazine

At ceremony where the Moje finance magazine presented awards to the best mutual funds, KD Funds received the highest number of awards, namely 9 out of 29. Of the 12 best fund managers in the last three years, as many as four are members of the KD Funds team, which is the highest number among all Slovenian management companies. These awards combined with the funds' performance prove the excellence of KD Funds management and at the same time justify the trust placed in us by our investors.

In Slovenia 250 funds are marketed by 17 different providers. KD Funds is the management company that has been presented with the highest number of awards to date. This year’s winners with the best rating, i.e. five stars, include:

  • KD RASTKO, the best European equity fund in the last three years,
  • KD NEW MARKETS, the best emerging markets equity fund in the last three years,
  • KD MM, the best money market – EUR fund in the last five years,
  • KD EASTERN EUROPE, the best European emerging markets equity fund in the last three and five years,
  • KD INDIA – CHINA, the best Asia and Oceania emerging markets equity fund in the last three and five years,
  • KD BALKANS, the best Balkans equity fund in the last three and five years.
    As many as four KD Funds managers ranked among the best managers in the last three-year period, namely Luka Flere (3rd place), Sašo Šmigić (7th place), Aleš Lokar (8th place) and Primož Cencelj (12th place). Sašo Šmigić has consistently ranked on the best managers chart throughout the five-year period in which the Moje finance magazine has been presenting its awards. The main criterion for the best manager is their knowledge and/or the so-called ‘information indicator’, which shows by how much the manager has exceeded the relevant benchmark characterised by the same investment structure and risk. In the latter category, i.e. exceeding our own benchmark, KD Funds has been evaluated as the best management company; in a three-year period we exceeded the relevant benchmark with 10 out of the 11 assessed subfunds, and in a five year-period we did this with four of our subfunds.Luka Podlogar, President of the Management Board of KD Funds, says: “The awards along with the performance rates yielded by our funds testify to our team’s excellence in management, which makes us very proud. We are aware how important high-quality management is and are determined to do our best to justify the trust of our investors in the future, too.”

    (from left to right: Primož Cencelj, Aleš Lokar, Luka Podlogar, Grega Meden, Sašo Šmigić, Luka Flere)

    The Moje finance selection has been performed for five consecutive years. This year the magazine focused on 248 funds marketed in Slovenia (for three- and five-year periods) and awarded them stars for their achievements; 11 KD Funds subfunds were rewarded. The Best Fund Manager award went to David Zorman already in 2010, and to Primož Cencelj in 2013, both representing KD Funds. KD Funds was also recognised as the best management company in 2013. The aim of presenting the stars is to help investors choose from among the numerous funds marketed in Slovenia. The many awards presented to KD Funds by the Moje finance magazine are proof of our excellence and expertise.