Generali Investments again with the Best Asset Manager in Slovenia

(Ljubljana, 9 April 2024) Aleš Lokar of Generali Investments is once again honoured as the best asset manager in Slovenia by the ‘Moje finance’ magazine and portal – the leading platform for personal finance management in the country – at its 14th award ceremony.


Aleš Lokar, the head of the portfolio management team in charge of the Generali Umbrella Fund subfunds Generali Galileo, Generali Global and Generali Rastko, with a total of EUR 225 million under management, previously clinched the best fund manager title in 2017. On this occasion, he said: “This accolade is the result of the outstanding efforts of the entire Generali Investments team. The market complexities and rapid developments make effective teamwork indispensable. Therefore, this recognition belongs to each and every one of my colleagues.”


Aleš Lokar, head of equity investment management and Best Asset Manager; Foto: © Jure Makovec / Moje finance


David Zorman, who won the prestigious Best Asset Manager title in 2011, also made it among the five best asset managers in Slovenia this year.

Over the course of the 14-year history of these awards, Generali Investment managers won the Best Asset Manager titles an impressive eight times. This achievement firmly establishes Generali Investments as one the most acclaimed asset management companies in the history of the awards, underscoring the unwavering performance demonstrated by its manager teams. The Best Asset Managers by years were: David Zorman (2011), Primož Cencelj (2014, 2016 and 2018), Aleš Lokar (2017), and Luka Flere (2019). Additionally, Primož Cencelj was honoured with the title of the Best Asset Manager of the Decade (2010–2019).
The key criterion for determining the best manager is the consistent outperformance of the relevant fund they manage in comparison to the benchmark. Generali Investments, celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, ranks among the oldest asset managers with long-standing tradition and experience in Slovenia. Throughout its history, it has won numerous domestic and international accolades for its high-quality work, excellent asset management, and product and service development.

At this year’s event, stars were assigned to funds based on their performance over three-year and ten-year periods, representing the highest distinction in the mutual fund industry and expressing unparalleled excellence in fund management.

This year’s top awards – five stars – went to the following funds:

Generali Galileo*****, Mixed Flexible Fund, in the Mixed Global category over a three-year period,

Generali Rastko*****, Equity, in the Equity – Europe category over a ten-year period,

Generali Bond*****EUR, in the European Bond category over a ten-year period.


Melita Rajgelj Ozebek, the President of the Management Board of Generali Investments, said: “The accolades received, along with the performance rates yielded by our funds, underscore the excellence of our management team, of whom we are immensely proud. We work in a rapidly changing environment that necessitates us to adapt on a daily basis, and this is where our long-standing experience proves invaluable. Over the past 30 years, we have always known the paramount importance of quality in asset management. We remain steadfast in our commitments to honour the trust bestowed upon us by our investors, and we thank them for their trust on this occasion.”

The numerous awards received, and, most importantly, the trust placed in the company by its clients, its long-standing relationships, prudent investment policy, high-quality products, top-notch team with a winning mindset, as well as professionalism and international focus, are certainly the motivating factors driving the oldest asset management company in Slovenia and its team. They also serve as proof that Generali Investments is on the right track.


From left to right: Geza Norčič, asset manager, Matej Krajnik, analyst, Sašo Šmigić, member of the Management Board, Aleš Lokar, head of equity investment management and Best Asset Manager of 2023, David Zorman, head of ESG analysis, and Matej Škerlep, analyst (missing: Beti Bacetič Kern, asset manager, and Grega Meden, senior asset manager).