Generali Growth Equity Fund completes the acquisition of a share in Zobozdravstvo Diamant d.o.o.

(Ljubljana, 22 June 2022) Generali Growth Equity Fund, a private equity fund established and managed by Generali Investments, has completed the purchase of a 80% stake in Zobozdravstvo Diamant d.o.o.,is in the process of acquiring a share in the company Zobozdravstvo Diamant, implantologija in estetsko zobozdravstvo d.o.o., Celje.


Zobozdravstvo Diamant d.o.o. is the largest private dental centre in Slovenia headquartered in Celje, currently operating with ten dental chairs. Its core activities include prosthetics, orthodontics, implantology, dental conservation and endodontics. The company pursues a clear business strategy, focusing on customers – patients. Thanks to using sophisticated high-tech instruments and materials, the company provides its patients with high-quality services according to the one-stop-shop principle, satisfying medical, functional and aesthetic needs.

Through the Fund’s entry in the ownership structure, Zobozdravstvo Diamant will gain more financial strength and at the same time benefit from additional professional support and expertise in business expansion, thereby further consolidating its leading role in providing high-quality dental services.

Together with the founder, who is keeping a share in the company, the Fund plans expansion throughout Slovenia. This will help Zobozdravstvo Diamant bring its high-quality services closer to people in the entire country.

Generali Growth Equity Fund is a special investment fund managed by Generali Investments, Slovenia’s oldest management company with subsidiaries in Croatia and North Macedonia. Generali Growth Equity Fund invests in ambitious small and medium-sized companies, offering support for growth financing, capacity expansion, sales network building and new product development as well as the acquisition of competitors and management of succession matters.




The Generali Growth Equity Fund investment in Zobozdravstvo Diamant, d.o.o., is co-financed by the European Investment Fund and the SID Bank. Generali Growth Equity Fund was founded in 2019 as part of the Slovene Equity Growth Investment Programme (SEGIP), which was launched upon the initiative of the SID Bank in cooperation with the European Investment Fund (EIF). It offers equity and quasi-equity financing to Slovenian SMEs and mid-cap companies. The SID Bank committed to contributing EUR 50 million of its own funds to this programme (without state guarantee), and the EIF has provided an additional EUR 50 million under the European Fund for Strategic Investments (with EFSI guarantee). By mobilising additional funding from other private investors through the SEGIP programme, overall investments for Slovenian companies could exceed EUR 150 million, which is 3-times the contribution of the SID Bank.