Generali Growth Equity Fund completes its first transaction by acquiring a 75% interest in Eko Papir d.o.o.

(Ljubljana, 7 January 2020) Generali Growth Equity Fund, a private equity fund established and managed by Generali Investments, completed its first investment at the end of 2019 by acquiring a 75% interest in Eko Papir d.o.o, a Croatian company producing environment-friendly paper bags. An export-oriented company, Eko Papir exports about 90% of its annual production volume of some 600 million paper bags to a number of Western European markets, using input materials originating from sustainable sources. The company employs 131 people.


Generali Growth Equity Fund is a special investment fund managed by Generali Investments. The Fund invests primarily in ambitious small and medium-sized companies, offering support in growth financing, capacity expansion, sales network building, new product development as well as acquisition of competitors and management of succession matters.

Founded in 1994, Generali Investments is one of the largest and oldest asset managers in South-East Europe. Together with its subsidiaries, it manages assets of over EUR 900 million.

The Generali Growth Equity Fund investment in Eko Papir is co-financed by the European Investment Fund and the SID Bank.