Delo’s entrepreneurial stars on a transition that will lead us to climate neutrality

As part of the Delo Entrepreneurial Star project, which took place this year under the title "With Sustainable Business Strategies to Competitive Advantages", the Delo media house awarded the fifth prestigious statuette to XLAB. The winner was chosen from among the ten nominated companies by an expert commission consisting of Stojan Petrič, Dušan Mramor, Simon Zajc, Luka Podlogar, Aleksander Temeljotov, and representatives of the editorial board.



Before the evening announcement, a seminar hub was held, and Luka Flere, a member of the Management Board of Generali Investments, addressed the audience about the important role that the financial sector plays in sustainability.



He called on all individuals, consumers, investors, entrepreneurs, managers, as well as decision-makers, “to start cooperating, to act together, to move from words about sustainable growth to action”. In his address, he emphasized that we must integrate sustainable principles into the investment process and that the goal of sustainable investment (the so-called ESG) is to create a competitive company while influencing society (S), the environment (E), and corporate criteria through management (G). Companies will have to integrate ESG standards into their operations and also disclose indicators. Companies have still a room for improvement in this area—in the calculation of indicators and transparent publication. However, all parts of the state, companies, financial institutions, and individuals must be involved—because the intersection of all interest groups means the quality of life on this planet. He added that the state must regulate this area systemically with appropriate incentives and laws, and the company will then have to implement the rules and change business processes.

In the future, investors can expect to see labels on financial products, as well as on in-store products, from which it will be possible to deduce whether and which sustainability aspect a financial company pursues with them.

He concluded that the asset management company has tasks to integrate into the investment process a criterion by which the company that would bear the greatest risks associated with sustainability can be excluded from the portfolio. Such examples could be, for example, an oil company that has an oil spill, corruption in a pharmaceutical company, money laundering.